Chuck Mangione - The Feeling's Back (1999)

Jazz 를 잘 모르시는 분들도 Chuck Mangione 란 이름은 들어보셨을 것입니다.
아니 이름은 모르더라도 Feel So Good 이란 음악은 들어보셨을 것입니다. 너무나 유명한 곡이니 말이죠.
그 Chuck Mangione 의 1999년 앨범 입니다.

Track List

01. Mountain Flight
02. Consuelo's Love Theme
03. Leonardo's Lady
04. Fotografia
05. Quase
06. Aldovio
07. Once Upon A Love Time
08. Manha de Carnaval
09. Maracangalha
10. La Vie en Rose'
이 앨범은 뉴욕의 성 베드로 교회에서 녹음을 했다고 하는데 탱고풍의 Aldovio 부터 샹송풍의 La Vie en Rose', 삼바풍의 Mountain Flight 로 비롯해서 보사노바 식으로 연주한 영화 Children of Sanchez 의 주제곡인 Consuelo's Love Theme 까지 전체가 너무나 멋있는 곡들로 차 있습니다.

Chuck Mangione 의 Official Site ( 에 있는 이 앨범의 리뷰입니다.

Chuck Mangione, the jazz artist who made the world "feel so good," has brought the feeling back.

On his magnificent Chesky debut, Chuck showcases why he is a major force in contemporary jazz and famous for his impact in the smooth jazz format. Soothing melodies glide effortlessly above seductive Brazilian rhythms, and the sound of his legendary horn is front and center as he performs his own compositions, as well as those by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luis Bonfa, Dorival Caymmi and more.

Featuring Brazilian classics like "Manha de Carnaval," Chuck's own delicious tango "Aldovio," the immortal "La Vie en Rose" and the samba-flavored "Mountain Flight" -- The Feeling's Back is a joyous and captivating musical exploration.

Recorded with Chesky Records' legendary 96kHz/24bit audio technology and featuring full-motion video on DVD -- one of the first of its kind in the world -- The Feeling's Back has a sound so true-to-life, your ears will transport you into the heart of these special performances.

One of contemporary jazz's most accomplished performers and composers, Chuck is an artist whose work speaks volumes about his talents. His breakout recordings with the Jazz Brothers, the worldwide success of his jazz/pop hit "Feels So Good," the multiple Grammy awards and his world-famous Olympic Games theme songs have earned Chuck millions of loyal fans who have followed him throughout his illustrious career.

The Feeling's Back brings together a world-class artist and world-renowned 96/24 recording technology. Come share the feeling of the man with the horn -- and the hat.

Personnel :
Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn)
Jackie Presti, Maúcha Adnet, Annette Sanders (vocals) / Jay Azzolina (guitar) / Sarah Carter (cello)
Gerry Niewood (flute, alto flute) / Clifford Korman (piano, keyboards) / David Finck (acoustic bass, electric bass)
Kid Reid (electric bass) / Paulinho Braga (drums).

이 앨범에서 어떤 곡을 들려줘야 하다가 선택한 곡은 Aldovio 입니다.

며칠 전 포스팅한 Weather Report 는 퓨전 재즈인지라 듣기가 좀 힘든 분들도 계실테지만 요 Aldovio 는 탱고풍이라 듣기 참 편할 것입니다.
또 이 가을 잘 어울리기도 할 테고 말이죠.
그리고 이 곡이 마음에 드신다면 앨범을 구입하시던 어찌 구하시던 전체 다 들어보세요.
딱 하나 꼬집어서 뭐 들어보세요라고 말하기가 참 힘들 정도로 앨범 전체가 너무나 좋으니깐요. ㅎㅎ

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